What is type 2 diabetes?

Can a plant based raw food diet provide a cure?

Diabetes is a metabolism disorder that affects the way your body uses the carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the food that you consume.

If your body functions soundly these nutrients are digested and broken down to a simple sugar, which is known as glucose.

Your body cells require glucose for energy.

Glucose enters body cells with the help of a hormone called insulin which is produced by your pancreas.

If your body becomes less responsive to insulin, or if it does not produce it at all, glucose cannot be absorbed by your cells.

The result is that it even though the blood contains sufficient glucose; your cells are not absorbing it for their essential energy and growth requirements.

Because the glucose now circulates in your body and remains in the blood stream, you will experience the symptoms of having “high blood sugar” levels.

This means there is now too much glucose in the blood and not enough in the cells of your body.

What is type 1 diabetes?

The type 1 diabetes is sometimes called insulin dependent or juvenile-onset diabetes.

It occurs when the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin for the body.

The main reason for this has not been confirmed with certainty but genetic disorders seems to be an important contributing factor.

This situation occurs mostly before age 35 and is usually first diagnosed in children, teenagers, or young adults.

Only about 5 percent to 10 percent of people with diabetes have this type.

What is type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes are also called adult onset or non insulin dependent diabetes.

This is the most common form of the disease with the National Institutes of Health claiming that it constitutes 95 percent of all cases of diabetes.

In this case your body can produce insulin, but your cells have become resistant to it. The result is that glucose can't be absorbed into the cells and your blood glucose levels become too high.

If not addressed these high glucose levels can cause serious health complications.

Some of these include infection, heart disease, and circulation problems in the legs, depression, and damage to the kidney, eye, and nervous system.

What are the health benefits of juicing when it comes to diabetes?

Need to see some evidence first?


In the film Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days, six diabetic people participated in a raw food plant based diet conducted by Gabriel Cousens. 

During the program all of the subjects took their diabetes medication while eating the raw food meals provided to them by his team at the Tree Of Life Rejuvenation Center.

Every one of the participants had radical improvements in their health and each of them had their diabetes either completely reversed or at least under control.

By Day 3 of the program three of the six participants were able to stop taking insulin and medication. 

Another participant was able to cut her insulin intake by 1/3 while a type 1 diabetic, was able to cut his insulin intake down to half. 

By the end of the 30 day program amazing results were seen. 

diabetes control diet

A great way to obtain the many health benefits of juicing with a diabetes control diet is to include plenty vegetables in your juicing recipes.

This is because juicing recipes which include vegetables, as a general rule contain less sugar.

Especially those vegetables that grow above the ground have very little sugar content.

These vegetable therefore make great ingredients in a diet for diabetes.

There is also anecdotal evidence that asparagus juice and celery juice can assist to restore normal blood sugar levels.

The benefits of juicing includes the fact that it presents you with a great natural solution to start a diabetes control diet.

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