Vitamin K foods suitable for vegetarians

Vitamin K foods are important for its role in preventing uncontrolled bleeding and commonly used to manage excessive use of the blood thinner Coumadin.

While vitamin K deficiencies are not common in adults, they seems to be apparent in some infants.

From the list below you will notice many of the foods that are rich in vitamin K are green vegetables which many people do not consume in sufficient quantities.

foods rich in vitamin kKale is the most nutrient rich vitamin K food

Before we list the foods rich with k that are the most nutrient dense let us have a quick look at why this vitamin is important to your health:

Vitamin K foods promotes healthy blood clotting

Research shows that vitamin K is best known for its role in healthy blood clotting.

This becomes important when you get a skin wound. The vitamin K  in your bloods  slows down and eventually stops the bleeding.

Vitamin K assists your bone development and help you build bone strength

The role of vitamin K in your bone health has been well researched.

This research has indicated that individuals who are vitamin K deficient have a greater risk of bone fractures.

Vitamin K prevents calcification of your arteries

One decade-long study found that people who consumed the most vitamin K have a 50% reduced risk of arterial calcification.

It therefore appears that vitamin K plays an important role in keeping calcium retained in your bones.

The people included in this study also exhibited a 50% reduced risk for cardiovascular diseases related to the heart and blood vessels.

What are the signs of a possible Vitamin K deficiency?

Tell tale signs of a possible vitamin K deficiency is easy bruising.

Another sign of possible vitamin K deficiency involves frequent bone fractures as a result of a decrease in bone mineral density.

Vitamin K deficiency can result in excess deposit of calcium in soft tissues.

This can result in hardening of the arteries and calcification of the blood vessels or heart valves.

Vitamin K rich foods chart

Our list of vitamin K foods have been specifically compiled for people who are vegetarians looking for vitamin K rich fruits and vegetables.

Most of these foods are very suitable for juicing or blending which improves their benefits to your health.

In the list below we list these foods by ranking them in order of their nutrient density.

Also notice the serving size required and associated the percentage of your daily requirement it will provide.

Foods that provide you with an "excellent" source of vitamin K

vitamin k food


Percentage of daily value


1180% per cup


987% per cup

Mustard greens

922 per cup

Collard greens

858% per cup

Beet greens

774% per cup

Swiss Chard

636 per cup

Turnip greens

588% per cup


245% per cup

Brussels sprouts

243% per cup

Romain lettuce

107% per cup


101% per cup


79% per cup


33% per cup

Kiwi Fruit

31% per medium fruit


19% per cup


16% per cup

Foods that provide you with a "very good" source of vitamin K


Percentage of daily value

Blue Berries

32% per cup


25% per cup


18% per cup

Vitamin K vegetarian foods conclusion

Vegans who include leafy green vegetables and some of the other foods listed above on a daily basis should receive more than adequate vitamin K.

If you know a vegetarian who could benefit from these facts please share this post.

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