What are the top 5 most important vitamin A benefits?

Vitamin A benefits may be best known for its role in a healthy eyesight and skin but it is also has many other health benefits.

The most usable form of vitamin A is retinol which is very important for the retina of your eyes.

Benefit # 1 - Vitamin A provides skin care support

vitamin a benefits for skin

Vitamin A thickens and stimulates your skin and can assist sun-damaged skin and can increases blood flow to the surface of the skin.

It normalizes oil production in the skin, thereby improving acne and also moisturizing dry skin.

Studies indicate that retinoids are effective treatment for acne because of their ability to regenerate skin.

Benefit # 2 - Vitamin A provides immune function support

One of the important vitamin A benefits are that it plays a key role in building our immune system.

It does this by helping to build our resilience against infectious diseases and infection.

This vitamin boosts our immune systems by enhancing white blood cell functions.

Your immune system fights off infections by producing white blood cells that destroy harmful bacteria and viruses.

They enhance the functions of antibodies (proteins that attach to foreign proteins and toxins in order to neutralize them).

It does this by destroying free radicals, which are unstable substances that can react with and damage cells, tissues and organs.

Benefit # 3 - Vitamin A provides eyesight support

The human retina contains photo pigments that store vitamin A compounds.

vitamin a benefits

One of these pigments, rhodopsin plays a fundamental role in the adaptation of the eye to dim light conditions and night vision.

Retinol is required to start the chemical process that signals to your brain that light is striking your eye.

For example - this allows your eyes to adjust from bright to dim light.

It is therefor not surprising that one of the earliest sign of vitamin A deficiency is night-impaired sight.

Benefit # 4 - Vitamin A supports cell growth

Vitamin A is also necessary for normal cell growth and development.

The mechanisms by which vitamin A promotes cell growth and development are not yet fully understood but we do know that it is necessary for the synthesis of many glycoproteins.

They are responsible for cell growth and cell differentiation.

This allows each type of cell to mature so that it can change its structure and develops specialized functions.

Benefit # 5 - Vitamin A boosts your reproductive health

Vitamin A is essential for reproductive processes in both males and females.

It is particularly essential for pregnant women because it plays a crucial role in embryonic development.

A lack of vitamin A during pregnancy can cause problems with the placenta and result in low birth weight of newborns.


Eating foods rich with vitamin A can therefor improve your skin and assist with treatment of acne and similar skin conditions.

The extra bonus it provides is that it boosts your eyes builds your immunity and active in very effective ways that keeps you healthy every day.

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