Which are the best potassium foods?

What are the signs of low potassium?
Which foods are high in potassium?
Can you have excessive potassium levels?

What is so important about foods high in potassium?

The minerals our bodies need are classified into major and minor.

Potassium is one of the major minerals we need for the normal functioning of our muscles, heart, and nerves.

Potassium is one of the main electrolytes in your body together with sodium and chloride.

Potassium foods also plays an important role in homeostasis.

This is the process by which your body maintains a balance between many electrical and chemical processes which are important for your health.

During this process tiny electrical charge helps to send messages through your nerves.

foods high in potassiumPotassium foods plays an important role in homeostasis

Elevated or lowered levels of potassium can therefor affect your nervous system by sending inaccurate signals. In severe cases this can result in paralysis.

When potassium foods are deficient in our diet, our muscles can become compromised.

This is because potassium fulfills an important role in controlling activity of your -

  • smooth muscle - for example the muscle found in your digestive tract and
  • skeletal muscle as well as
  • the muscles of your heart.
signs of low potassium

Potassium together with another electrolyte - sodium, also helps to regulate the water balance in and outside of your cells.

In this way it is helps to maintain the fluid balances in your body.

Foods high in potassium is furthermore involved in the storage of carbohydrates which your muscles need as fuel.

It assists in releasing energy from protein, fat, and carbohydrates during metabolism.

Potassium also helps with the secretion of insulin for blood sugar control. This is important for you to have a constant level of energy.

High potassium foods are important in maintaining the body's proper electrolyte and acid-base (pH) balance.

Potassium foods may also counteract the increased urinary calcium loss caused by high-salt diets.

Potassium enables nutrients to move into and waste products to move out of cells.

It also stimulates our gut movement to encourage proper elimination.

Convinced yet that potassium rich foods are very important for your health?

What are the signs of low potassium levels?

Who is most likely to have a potassium deficiency?

Signs of low potassium is most likely to occur in elderly people and very active people like athletes.

Whenever you experience excessive fluid loss or if you take certain medications, you may also be at risk of a potassium deficiency.

In addition to poor dietary intake, excessive physical activity is a factor that can increase a person's need for potassium.

One of the health benefits of juicing is that it allows you to replenish potassium losses in the body in a most effective way by including potassium rich foods as part of your juicing diet.

Robbers of potassium include excess sodium from salt, alcohol, sugar and laxatives.

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Which foods are high in Potassium?

Juicing recipes provide you with a great way to get vital potassium rich foods into your system.

A number of natural plant foods are high sources of potassium when compared to processed foods.

Potassium losses from cooking of foods can be significant.

We have compiled a list of foods high in potassium as ranked in terms of their excellent, very good or good potassium content when measured on a Nutrient Density index.

Juicing recipes which includes foods in this list are living foods in their most potent and easily accessible forms.

A juicing diet from freshly juiced fruit and vegetables in this list not only provide the benefits of potassium, but also a wide range of additional vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

What are the signs of high potassium levels?

Can you take too much potassium?

Yes, it is -quite unlikely for the average person- but nevertheless, possible to have potassium levels that are too high.

Most people can handle excess potassium, with the exception being people with kidney disease.

The effects of elevated levels of potassium can be toxic to your body and can affect the health of your heart.

When excess potassium stays in your blood because your kidneys aren't functioning at optimal levels, you may experience symptoms like an irregular heartbeat.

We have listed some of the signs of high potassium levels here.

Potassium foods are obviously very important to your health.

We believe a healthy juicing diet with juicing recipes which include high potassium foods, present the best possible way to make these important nutrients part of your life.

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