What everybody should know about pineapple nutrition

Pineapple nutrition is said to decrease inflammation, can possibly shorten the time it takes to recover from infections and help with asthma.

But where is the research evidence about pineapple nutrition and its health benefits?

We went on a search for the facts.

Nutritional profile of pineapple

When it comes to the nutritional profile of foods we prefer to rely on the excellent food ratings system of the World's Healthiest Foods site.

We do this because of the detailed criteria they use to identify these foods.

That reason why we prefer their rating system is because of the strong emphasis they place on the nutrient density of foods.

pineapple nutrition facts and health benefits


% of daily value

World's Healthiest
Foods Rating

Vitamin C








Very good

Vitamin B1



Vitamin B6









Pantothenic acid



So we can see that when it comes to nutrient density, this tropical fruit can be rated as an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese. 

In addition pineapple nutrition shows that it is a good source of dietary fiber as well as vitamin B1 (thiamin) and vitamin B6 and copper. 

One cup of pineapples contains 2 grams of insoluble fiber.

These insoluble fibers (that do not get eliminated when you juice an pineapple) have been linked to reduced risk of type 2 diabetes as well as improved digestion.

You can see some of the evidence in the research findings ´╗┐here

Many of the health benefits of pineapples comes from one particular enzyme that it contains

This enzyme that research studies have looked at goes by the name of Bromelain.

´╗┐Bromelain´╗┐ is a protein-digesting (proteolytic) enzymes only found in pineapples.

pineapple health benefits digestionPineapple has been used for centuries in Central and South America to treat indigestion and reduce inflammation

We could find a number of very credible sources that looked at the health benefits of the Bromelain enzyme.

The first interesting finding you will see in the research is that Bromelain is that breaks down meat proteins meaning that pineapple juice can be used to tenderize meat.

The research seems to consistently find that Bromelain can play a role in:

  • reducing inflammation
  • combating cancer
  • treatment of digestion ailments
  • the healing of wounds

Reducing inflammation

Good health assists wounds to heal faster and a healthy immune systems will help to protect you from infection. It seems like pineapples can play a significant role in this process.

Bromelain seems to be useful to treat a number of conditions but has been found to be effective in reducing inflammation and swelling from infection and injuries.

It can also improve healing time and relieve pain after dental and nasal or throat surgery.

It is useful to reduce inflammation from tendinitis, sprains and strains, and other minor muscle injuries.

There is also the beneficial impact on asthma and allergic airway diseases.

Combating cancer

Some tests have found that bromelain can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. The research often refer to the term "apoptosis" which means that the cancer cells commit suicide.

Treatment of digestive ailments

Bromelain helps digestion by breaking down protein into more digestible amino acids.

Some studies indicate that bromelain is useful in digestive ailments like inflammatory bowel diseases.

Healing of wounds

Bromelain promotes the healing of wounds and is very effective in treating bruises, sprains and strains by reducing swelling, tenderness and pain. 

But there is more ------

In addition another study conducted by the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Hawaii, Bromelain researchers confirmed the following health benefits:

pineapple nutrition
  • Reduces swelling due to arthritis, sports injuries, trauma
  • Sooths sore throat
  • Treats laryngitis
  • Relieves sinusitis
  • Curbs appetite
  • Enhances absorption of antibiotic medication
  • Can be useful in removing dead tissue (debridement) from third-degree burns
  • Modulates tumor growth

And if all of this research have not convinced you about the health benefits of pineapples we found another study that found: 

  • Bromelain may be applied topically to reduce swelling from insect bites and stings
  • It may alleviates angina and inhibit the abnormal blood clotting that causes second heart attacks
  • Bromelain may help reduce cough and nasal mucus associated with sinusitis, and furthermore relieve the swelling and inflammation caused by hay fever
  • One animal study suggests that the antibacterial effects of bromelain may help control diarrhea caused by bacteria.
  • Another study suggests that it may relieve inflammatory bowel disease. Human studies will be needed to confirm these findings.

Juicing pineapples

If you have a look at some of the research on pineapple nutrition you will notice that it indicates that most of the Bromelain comes from the stems of these plants.

Most people will however not consume the stems one smart way to get to the Bromelain in pineapples would be to juice them.  

Can you put a pineapple through a juicer?

Yes you certainly can.

One of our favorite juicing recipes with pineapples is to mix some cranberry juice and pineapple juice with vitamin C powders.

This is a delicious and potent juice drink for fighting any invading bacteria in your body.

A whole pineapple is easy to juice and the rich flavor mixes well with apples, grapes and carrot juice.

Pineapple juice makes a terrific base for many other fruit juicing recipes.

They combine very well with most berries.

If your juicing machine can handle it, you can feed the pineapple with its skin into the juicer.

The bottom line about pineapple nutrition

The value of pineapple nutrition is clear from several research documents that have been published. 

pineapple plantJuice only plump, golden and sweet smelling pineapples

Some of the evidence reviewed in this post suggest that some of the nutrients in pineapple like bromelain can be used as an effective measure to prevent cancer, diabetes and various forms of cardiovascular diseases. 

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