Papaya benefits - the 5 top reasons you should eat them

The biggest benefits from papayas comes from its enzymes which enhances digestion

These papaya enzymes have such great digestive prowess that it is used as the main ingredient used in meat tenderizers.

papaya benefits stomach

Papaya contains the powerful protein-digesting enzyme by the name papain.

This enzyme enables the digestion of protein in food.

Papain can therefor improve your digestion.

Papaya recipe for relieving constipation

- 2 tablespoon flaxseed
- 1 Apple
- Half a papaya
- 1-2 cups water

Put the flaxseeds in a blender.

Add a cup of water and blend into a paste.

Add the papaya and the apple.

papaya benefits for digestion

In one four-week trial of flaxseed consumption by adults with constipation problems it resulted in their bowel movements increasing by a third.

If you make this recipe part of your daily routine, you are unlikely to ever need any other constipation remedy.

Papaya benefits for skin

Because it is a good source of Vitamin A and Papain, papaya assists in removing dead skin cells and breaking down the dormant proteins.

papaya benefits for skinYou can apply papaya directly to your skin or simply eat it to assist your skin health.

Papaya has been proven to be effective for soothing and moisturizing your skin.

For a glowing skin why not avoid over-the-counter creams and try some papaya?

The skin of the papaya can be used as an external treatment for surface skin wounds that do not heal quickly.

Papain removes the destroyed tissue from burns thereby assisting skin injuries to heal faster.

You can apply it directly to your skin or simply eat it to assist your skin health.

Papaya Nutrition

When assessing papaya nutrition in terms of nutrient density, this fruit can be rated as an excellent source of vitamin C.

In addition papaya benefits includes the fact that it is a very good source of potassium and of folate.

Furthermore papaya is shown to be a good source of dietary fiber as well as vitamin A and vitamin E and vitamin K.

Papayas can play a role in preventing potential heart attacks or strokes.

The health benefits of papayas facilitates the break down of excess fibrin in the blood.

Because the antioxidants in papaya prevent cholesterol from oxidizing it prevents plaque accumulating in blood vessels.

Because they are so rich in fibre, Vitamin C and antioxidants they prevent cholesterol build up in your arteries thus improving your heart health.

Papaya benefits and weight loss

One medium sized papaya contains just 120 calories and the dietary fibre content will assist your weight loss efforts.

One specific benefit of papaya for weight loss relates to the fact that it contributes greatly to your digestive health as mentioned in benefit 1 above.

When your digestive system is in good health it enhances your efforts to shed those unwanted pounds.

Papaya benefits during pregnancy

Because papaya is a good source of folic acid in addition to the nutritional benefits already stated above experts recommend that pregnant women consume papaya.

It must be noted that the experts emphasize the fact that the papaya must be fully ripened when eaten.

According to experts papaya can also soothe heartburn, which is often experienced by pregnant women.

Finally papaya also -

  • lowers serum levels

  • makes an excellent cleanser of the kidneys and liver

  • contains arginine which is known to be important for male fertility. It does this through this enzyme improving blood flow to the penis.

  • inhibits several types of bacteria

Best way to enjoy papaya benefits?

If you have not tried blending papaya, banana, and coconut milk in a smoothie your in for a treat.

Ripeness of the papaya is important here. An unripened papaya does not give you the best taste so judge the ripeness of the fruit well.

It is ripened when it gives under pressure and feels a bit tender at the ends.

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