The 7 main foods that may cause your constipation

Foods that causes constipation include virtually all processed foods.

That includes almost anything that comes in a package that has been refined.

This covers all foods with white flour, processed sugars, pastries and almost anything where the fiber has been removed.

The reason for this problem is that these processed foods lack the fiber and bulk to move food through your digestive system effectively.

The bad news is that this probably includes some of your favorite foods like cheese, ice cream, eggs and snacks like chips and pizza.

So let's have a look at some of the culprits.

If you’re constantly constipated, identify whether you may be consuming too many of the following low-fiber, processed foods.

1. Fried food

Foods that cause constipation are often high in hydrogenated and animal fats.

Fatty,  fried foods can slow down the digestive process.

They are often very low low in fiber and can stay in your digestive tract too long, causing you to feel full and bloated.

foods that causes constipation

So if you are battling with constipation, try to avoid those fried foods for a while.

2. Foods that causes constipation includes excessive red meat consumption

Your gastrointestinal tract runs 25 feet in length.

The amount of time it takes for your food to travel this distance is impacted by the amount of meat and fiber you consume.

Always remember - Plant foods are the only sources of fiber.

Red meats lack the fiber and bulk we need for it to easily move through our digestive system.

Meat digestion can take several hours.

foods that increases constipation

Vegetarians usually consume more fiber than meat-eaters because plant-based foods make up the biggest part of their diet.

The result is that vegetarians usually faster transit times than meat eaters.

One study in the “British Journal of Nutrition” in found that transit times for non-vegetarians was between 31 hours and and 96 hours.

The transit times for vegetarians ranged from 27 hours to 54 hours. The average transit time for the vegetarian group was nearly 24 hours faster than for non-vegetarians.

Beef and other red meats can also create a burden on your digestive track because of its lack of fiber.

One solution is to always combine it with sufficient roughage in the form of high-fiber vegetables.

3. Cookies and similar refined flour products

Other problem foods that causes constipation come from high sugar content, low fiber refined flour products.

foods to avoid if you are constipated

All sugar laden products like cookies and pastries are very low in fiber and fluid and high in fat and sugar.

In addition these processed foods also often contain lactose, which can give you gas and worsen any discomfort you’re already experiencing.

4. Potato chips

Unprocessed potatoes are a nutritious vegetable that is low in calories and a good source of vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium and fiber.

However, they become foods that causes constipation when they get sliced and deep fried in oil and processed with added ingredients to enhance their flavor and extend their shelf life.

This is when they become unhealthy and a problem for your digestion.

Potato chips snacks is a high-fat and high salt food and slows down the digestion process.

In addition these chip snacks are low in vitamins and minerals and they tend to replace healthier snacks.

Most chips are deep-fried in a process that creates trans fats which is the most dangerous type of fat.

6. Dairy products like cheese

Diary products can be one of the foods that cause constipation because they can be difficult to digest as a result of the sugar lactose you find in them.

When this lactose does not get digested properly, you end up with gas and bloated digestive track.

Together with is low fiber content and high fat,  cheese can cause frequent constipation.

But there is one unprocessed food that also make the list------

7. Unripened bananas

This one may surprise many people.

You will be right if you think "Surely bananas are rich in fiber and exactly what I need to relieve constipation"

The answer is that it depends entirely on the ripeness of the fruit. Green, unripened bananas are constipating.

The reason for this is that as the fruit ripens it changes from being primarily starch-based to a simple-sugar-based food.

The starch is much harder for your body to break down than the sugar form and is digested more quickly.

For constipation relief you should always eat bananas that are ripe.

The tell tale sign of a fully ripened banana is that they have good range of first brown spots on them.

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