Diabetes control diet

Can a juicing diet provide a good natural diabetes cure?

Any diabetes control diet should obviously include foods that lower blood sugar levels.

Ideally this should be a low-fat, high-protein, vegetarian diet.

This diet should include plenty vegetables that are low in natural sugar content.

Juicing recipes provides you with a number of powerful natural diabetes cures.

In a diabetes control diet it is the carbohydrates, rather than the fats or the proteins that have the most immediate impact on your blood sugar.

diabetes control diet

This is because it is the carbohydrates that are broken down directly into sugar early during the digestion process.

Simple carbohydrates are sugars like glucose, sucrose, lactose, and fructose.

Fresh fruit juices will provide you with the best sources.

Complex carbohydrates are the starches that we find in beans, nuts, vegetables, and whole grains.

In compiling a diabetics control diet you must select foods that are more slowly digested.

This will reduce the spike in blood glucose after a meal.

This will in turn reduce the demand on insulin.

Your body digests complex carbohydrates slowly, providing a steady source of energy.

Some juicer recipes you can try:


When you prepare your juicing recipes for diabetes you have to be very selective about what ingredients you use.

Practically this means that if you want to get the maximum health benefit from juicing you should include many green vegetables.

At the same time you should avoid juicing too many fruits.

Sugar balancer

4 oz - Tomato juice
2 oz - Celery juice
2 oz - Spinach juice
1 oz - Asparagus juice
1 oz - Lemon juice
1 tbsp - Flax-seed oil

diabetes diet juicer recipes

This drink will be rather strong in taste but is loaded with the nutrients you need for blood sugar control.

This should keep your blood sugar nicely balanced.

Also consider including some broccoli in this drink.

Broccoli is an excellent source of chromium which is very helpful to regulate insulin usage in the body.

Salad cocktail

3 tomatoes

1 green pepper

Half a lemon

Half a cucumber

Bunch of parsley

diet for diabetes

Should diabetic people eat fruit?

Although we know that fruit juice is generally high in sugar content, fruits have actually been shown to have stabilizing effects on blood sugar levels.

Fruit sugars, does however not cause blood sugar levels to rise as much as refined sugar.

It should be noted however that in a juicing diet for diabetes, fruit juice should be consumed in small quantities.

The sugar concentration in dried fruits, is simply too high and should be avoided by diabetics.

We therefore suggest that in order to obtain the optimum benefits of juicing, a diabetes control diet must rather include plenty vegetables.

This is because juicing recipes which include vegetables, as a general rule contain less sugar.

Especially vegetables that grow above the ground have very little sugar content and therefore make great juicing recipe ingredients.

Did you know? Research reveals that caffeine can decrease insulin sensitivity.

In a test published by the American Diabetes Association in February 2002 caffeine decreased insulin sensitivity by 15% possibly as a result of elevated plasma epinephrine levels.

Important nutrients in a diabetes control diet


A diabetes control diet should include plenty of high fiber foods.

The reason for this is that fiber helps to control blood sugar levels.

Fiber rich foods does this by slowing down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream.

It is also believed that the fiber allows cells to absorb glucose more easily.

Some excellent food sources of fiber you can include in your juicing recipes can be -

  • raspberries,
  • mustard greens,
  • broccoli,
  • cauliflower and
  • Swiss chard.

We have compiled a detailed list of high fiber foods that can be included in your juicing diet.

Vitamin E

The health benefits of vitamin E are also important in a diet for diabetes.

The reason for this is because it is such an important antioxidant.

The health benefits of juicing fruits and vegetables with a high vitamin E content can strengthen the ability of your cells to absorb glucose.


A diabetes control diet should include foods high in magnesium in order to improve insulin and glucose levels.

Our bodies cannot manufacture magnesium and it must therefore be plentiful in our diet in order for us to obtain its many health benefits.

We need large daily amounts of magnesium, which are plentiful in vegetables like spinach and Swiss chard.

This is very important for diabetic patients with kidney problems because if the kidneys do not function optimally magnesium gets flushed out in the urine.


A zinc deficiency can also lead to many problems for diabetes patients.

Zinch deficiency can result in infections which can lead to amputations.

Zinc is a very important immune boosting mineral that can also help with blood sugar control.

Spinach juice is also a very good source of zinc.

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