The main anemia causes:will you recognize the warning signs?

Anemia causes can be attributed to an iron deficiency, a vitamin B12 deficiency or a folic acid deficiency.

Anemia causes that are related to low iron levels is called iron deficiency anemia.

Iron deficiency is a very common reason for developing anemia.

Iron deficiency anemia arises from too little iron in the body to make sufficient hemoglobin.

Iron is major component of hemoglobin and essential for its proper functioning.

Anemia caused by blood loss

Chronic blood loss is the main cause of low iron level in the body as it depletes the body's iron stores.

This can be as a result of slow, persistent bleeding from inside the body.

The underlying cause of this can be:

  • peptic ulcers,
  • tumors from stomach or colon cancer,
  • heavy menstrual periods,
  • kidney tumors or
  • hemorrhoids.

Women are more likely than men to have iron deficiency anemia because of the monthly loss of blood through normal menstruation.

This blood loss is however relatively small and temporary and thus not really of concern.

One of the greatest benefits of juicing is that folic acid is abundantly available in fresh green leafy vegetables.

The frequent use of aspirin, as well as chronic alcohol abuse, can also cause iron deficiency anemia.

In young children, iron deficiency anemia is most often due to a lack of iron in the diet.

This is why it is such a good idea to get your kids start juicing for health by consuming green juice drinks.

Eating a diet low in iron can be one of the main anemia causes

This form of anemia can happen from not eating enough iron-rich foods such as:

  • fruit,
  • whole-grain bread,
  • beans,
  • lean meat and
  • green vegetables.

Anemia can be caused by vitamin B12 deficiency

This type of anemia could happen in people who are unable to absorb vitamin B12 from their intestines.

In addition to iron, vitamin B12 is required to produce red blood cells.

This situation may occur with vegetarians who may excludes eggs, diary products or meat and fish from their diet.

It may also occur in long-term alcoholics.

Anemia can be caused by Folic acid deficiency

Folic acid deficiency is usually caused by an inadequate consumption of folic acid vitamins.

This disorder is most common in the poor and elderly due to poor eating habits.

It also occurs in cases of heavy alcohol drinkers.

Anemia can be related to kidney disease

Your kidneys produce a hormone that is involved with the making of red blood cells.

This production of the red blood cells is hampered in people with chronic kidney disease and can also result in anemia.

The benefits of juicing iron rich foods

The good news is that juicing recipes which is rich in vitamins, iron and folic acid can provide you with a very powerful anemia treatment to help alleviate these conditions.

A juicing diet rich in iron rich foods will greatly boost your ability to alleviate the anemia causes listed above.

Chlorophyll rich juicing recipes made from grasses and spinach are very valuable for people suffering from anemia.

Chlorophyll is the blood of plants!

Your juicing recipes must also be enriched with foods that are high in folic acid. This includes foods like spinach, broccoli and beets.

Furthermore foods rich in vitamin B12 must be included in your juicing diet. To achieve this you can include -

  • kelp,
  • barley grass,
  • brewers yeast,
  • bee pollen,
  • alfalfa sprouts and
  • algae

as part of your juicing recipes.

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