Vegetable juicing allows you to obtain the maximum benefits from juicing.

The reason for this is that we want to focus on alkaline juicing, which means primarily vegetable juices.

It is because vegetable juices have an alkalizing affect on your bloodstream.

This alkalizing impact helps your body to flush away toxic waste that has accumulated over time.

Vegtable juicing

Another important benefit from juicing healthy vegetables stems from the fact that at least half the nutrients in your vegetables get destroyed before they reach your kitchen.

When vegetables are -

  • boiled,
  • baked,
  • fried or
  • frozen

before they land on your plate much of their original nutritional value have been destroyed.

What are the main issues regarding juicing fruits versus juicing vegetables?

For some people it is a good idea to start by juicing only those vegetables that you enjoy eating.

In this way your body can slowly get used to the vegetable drinks.

Vegetables drinks  can initially be very strong tasting for the untrained palate.

Drinking your veggies is a smart way to add the power of plant nutrients to your lifestyle.

Vegetable juice contains far less sugar and fewer calories than your typical fruit juice.

Because fruit juice contains more of sugar our general recommendation is to eat your fruit whole and juice your vegetables.

The exception to this general rule is that you can juice the fruits that have a low sugar content.

Examples of low sugar content fruits are-

  • lemon,
  • lime,
  • grapefruit and
  • berries.

When you start out with vegetable juicing a few carrot juice combos is a good place to start

If you want a quick energy boost drinking carrot juice first thing in the morning works very well.

Because carrot juice is such a sweet tasting juice, it combines well with a few of the basic vegetable juice recipes we have here.

Moving on to green juices

For more sustainable energy during the day, you should consider preparing drinks with some green leafy vegetables.

The area of juicing green leafy vegetables is a bit more of a learning curve for the person just starting out so we suggest ----

To find out more have a look at -

What other vegetables should I consider for my juice recipes?

Vegetable nutrition facts show vegetables are generally more minerals rich than fruits, which generally contain more sugar.

We have listed a number of the healthiest vegetables in our vegetable nutrition area which you can consider.

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