So why would you want to start juicing for health?

When you begin juicing for health reasons you create the opportunity to discover the healing power of natural foods.

Juicing accelerates your ability to consume a wide range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients and soluble fiber that is available in fruits and vegetables.

Fruit juices acts as cleansers of your bloodstream.

Vegetable juices heal and build the body with each vegetable having a specific power to heal a particular ailment.

Juicing benefits

For general health juicing provides you the best access to the most important nutrients you need for vitality.

Juicing for health improves your access to soluble fiber

Fiber is categorized as soluble and insoluble.

Both types of fiber help to increase bulk and shorten the transit time of food as it moves through your intestinal tract.

You should know that there is plenty soluble fiber in juice.

So which foods are high in fiber and appropriate for juicing?

The best food sources of soluble fiber are reflected on our list of high fiber foods that can be used for juicing.

We have also detailed the numerous benefits of high fiber foods here.

Juicing for health delivers an instant nutritional charge to your body from a wide range of vitamins.

One of the big benefits of juicing for health is that it improves your access to the many liquid vitamins that is available in freshly squeezed juice.

The majority of vitamins cannot be synthesized so you can only ingest it via your diet.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are excellent sources of water-soluble vitamins, many of the B complex vitamins (except B12, which is found in animal products) and vitamin C.

Fresh juice also contains some of the fat-soluble vitamins, notably carotenes , vitamin E and vitamin K.

Vitamin K

When we eat or drink fruits and vegetables we have the opportunity to consume a healthy dose of vitamin K.

There are plenty of tasty vitamin K foods available for your juicing activity.

Vitamin K plays a vital role in blood clotting and is sometimes given to patients before surgery to prevent excessive bleeding. Many studies have shown that vitamin K foods help your body to absorb calcium.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C bolsters our ability to fight a wide range of ailments ranging from common colds and flu viruses to more serious diseases like cancer.

Our list of vitamin C foods provides you with powerful antioxidants which plays a vital role in stopping the damaging effects of free radicals on your health.

Juicing for health improves your access to essential minerals

Just like the vitamins listed above, minerals are essential for just about every one of your body processes.

Your juicing recipes will boost your intake of the wide variety of minerals that is available in freshly extracted juice.

There is no chemically fabricated pill that will come anywhere near the mineral power supplied by freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices.

Below you can find a few links to the major minerals in our bodies and how you can include them in your juicing routines.


There are plenty of healthy iron rich foods to choose from when you prepare your juicer recipes.

Would you know how to recognize iron deficiency symptoms ?


Potassium helps regulate our blood pressure and water balance. It also plays an important role in optimizing the transmission of nerve impulses.

There are plenty of tasty and healthy foods high in potassium to choose from for your juicer.


Juicing for health will ensure that you get an adequate intake of calcium rich foods in your diet.

Calcium is best known for helping us maintain strong healthy bones and teeth. Many people don’t know that calcium is also have many other important roles not related to bones that we have also listed on the link above.


Magnesium is known as a stress antidote and has an important role in regulating our nerves and muscle tone.

There are plenty of delicious and healthy foods high in magnesium to choose from for your juicer recipes.

Juicing can help with specific health conditions like:

Constipation remedies

constipation remedies

Diabetes control diet

Diabetes control diet

Iron deficiency anemia

iron deficiency anemia

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