The many reasons juicing is a potent health booster.

It is clear and simple!

The health benefits of juicing provide you with the best way to get the vital nourishment you need to prevent and fight disease.

Freshly extracted juices unquestionably present the most powerful way to get living food nutrients into your body.

health benefits of juicing

Juices from fruits and vegetables are living foods in their most potent and "alive" forms - a powerhouse of concentrated vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

It is unquestionably the fastest way to supercharge your bloodstream with powerful plant medicines and concentrated nutrients.

When you drink these potent drinks you will immediately feel the live enzymes lift your energy levels.

Liquid nutrients is the ultimate fast food

To be healthy we need to consume 13 vitamins a day. Of these vitamins the largest group is the eight B vitamins and Vitamin C.

With the exception of vitamin B12 you need to consume these vitamins every day because they are water soluble. This means that if not used - they are lost because your body is not able to store them.

When you use a juicer, you are giving your body a much-needed rest.

The nutrients in fruit and vegetables are great but for them to do their magic they must be absorbed by your cells.

In order for the health benefits of juicing to be maximized you must consume the juice as soon as you made it.

In this way, their effect when you absorb the bio electricity that they contain can be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.

The juicer thus simply does the job your body normally does.

Solid food requires hours of digestive activity before its nourishment is available to the body.

So one of the immediate health benefits of juicing is that it provides a shortcut to make the nutrition available quicker by separating some of the fiber content.

The fruit and vegetable that you juice extract passes right through your stomach and is absorbed into the bloodstream within minutes.

Your body can then re-direct some of your energy normally used for digestion to other important functions like healing damaged cells.

If you simply don't enjoy eating fruits and vegetables, juicing is a healthy and fun way to add them to your diet.

Feeling tired after eating a big meal? Here's why -----

Do you know why you feel like falling asleep after a big meal?

Because your nervous system has send a strong signal to your body to slow down and focus its energy on digesting rather than move around in an energy increase.

Even vegetables, when cooked in complex combinations with other foods can take up to 3 hours to digest.

Now compare that biological result to that of a natural juice infusion which can instantly increase you energy levels.

Because of the health benefits of juicing, you can feel the burst of energy from juices within minutes of consuming it.

The health benefits of juicing can be one of the healthiest way to weight loss

If you incorporate the juice recipes and blended drinks we have on this site as part of a weight loss program ( in addition to some regular exercise), you will have found one of the best ways to slim down.

Various studies have confirmed that diets containing a high percentage of uncooked raw food are best for weight loss and improved blood sugar control.

juicing for weight lossThe secret to weight loss: never starve your body during a weight loss program

Since the raw foods you use for juicing for weight loss contains more live vitamins and other nutrients, the body is being fed with the best nutrition possible.

So one of the main health benefits of juicing for weight loss is that it presents you with an alternative to other diet plans that leave you feeling tired and listless because of a lack of nutrition.

A plant based diet can be your medicine

Nature makes the best vitamins and minerals.

Various pioneering physicians and researchers has well documented research showing how a plant based diet has the power to prevent and reverse disease.

You will recall that Hippocrates - the father of modern Western medicine said, "Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food"

When you begin juicing the health benefits of juicing will allow you to create the opportunity to follow this sound advice and discover the healing power of natural foods.

There is no chemically fabricated pill that can compare with the health benefits that you will find in freshly extracted juices.

Juicing should never be viewed as a substitute for proper medical treatment but it does give you the an opportunity to discover some of the healing power of live food.

But what if I rather eat my portion of fruit and vegetables to obtain my necessary nutrition?

That is certainly true and the claims that juicing is the only way to stay healthy, is certainly very exaggerated.

You should always balance your juicing diet with a healthy balance of solid foods.

The research out there does not support the claims that juicing is healthier than eating the whole fruits and vegetables, but what we are saying is that juicing does make it much easier to consume the whole range of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals you need on a daily basis.

In addition to this fact also remember:

Cooking your food destroys enzymes.

Enzymes are vital for your health and longevity.

Enzymes are constantly rebuilding your body through detoxification and repairs. There is approximately 1000 enzymes in raw food.

Ann Wigmore, the mother of the raw food movement believed that enzyme preservation is the secret to health.

It is the enzymes in fruit and vegetables that allow them to ripen.

The problem here is that cooking destroys up to 50% of the protein, 60-70% of the vitamins and 96% of the B12 in your food. It causes the loss of up to 97% of water-soluble vitamins.

Leafy vegetables will lose up to 87% of their vitamin C content upon cooking, while carrots, potatoes, and other root vegetables will lose up to -

  • 33% of vitamin B1,
  • 45% of B2,
  • 61 % ofB3, and
  • 76% of vitamin C.

In contrast to the nutrient destroyed cooked foods - the bio electric energy field within fruits and vegetables are preserved to give you a quick jolt of energy and instantly supercharge your body.

What is wrong with store-bought bottled canned, or frozen juices?

Admittedly preparing you own fresh juices  does require a bit of effort by you.

You have to ensure that your fridge is stocked with the right fruits and vegetables and after you are done with the juicer you have to clean the damn thing.

Then why not just buy your juices in your local store?

The problem with these juices is that they must be pasteurized to ensure a longer shelf life.

This requires boiling them to eliminate salmonella, E.coli and other substances that will be harmful to your health.

To make things even worse - bottles drinks have preservatives, colorants and artificial and refined sugars added to it – making it even worse for your health.

Unfortunately this process destroys the enzymes and many vitamins within the juice thereby removing the vitality of the original product.

The drinks contain what is often called "empty calories" because they lack the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals you get in freshly extracted juice.

These drinks are little more than flavored sugar water – they do nothing good for your health.

Compare those toxic drinks to a carrot juice buzzing with beta carotene or a green juice providing you with amazing doses of chlorophyll.

The bottled drink may be derived from the same original source but there is no comparison to the health benefits of juicing freshly extracted juice.

Take home message

Juicing is a potent way to supplement your normal diet.

Freshly extracted juice can be one of your power tools to feel vibrant and healthy and provide you with a superb addition to your daily diet.

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